Love Potion (Roll-On)

Inspired by Viva La Juicy
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Love Potion is a delightful fragrance that captures the essence of youthful exuberance and feminine charm.

Top Notes: Opening with a burst of fruity and sparkling top notes, this perfume dazzles with luscious wild berries and mandarin, setting a vibrant and energetic tone.

Middle Notes: The heart of the fragrance unfolds with a bouquet of floral notes, including honeysuckle and jasmine. These delicate middle notes add a touch of romance and sophistication to the scent, evoking feelings of joy and optimism.

Base Notes: As the perfume settles, it leaves a warm and sensual trail with base notes of caramel and vanilla. These sweet and indulgent undertones lend a creamy richness to the fragrance, leaving a lingering impression of elegance and allure.

Our Roll-On products are 100% Alcohol free & lasts all day! They are glass bottles with a stainless-steel roller ball & leak proof top. You will get a significant amount each application to apply across all your favorite pulse points. Small & compact, these roll-ons are an excellent choice for people on the go!

About Scent Kulture: We strive to bring you only the best quality at the lowest price. Our fragrance products are of the highest quality. They are clean, skin safe, phthalate-free, animal cruelty free, vegan & proudly sourced ONLY in the USA. Our finished products are handcrafted & include the highest concentration for the longest lasting results.  

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How To Use
Our roller bottles allows you to apply our fragrance oils with extreme precision to your pulse points. Applying our oils will last longer than perfumes that are sprayed due to direct contact on your pulse points.

    An advantage of having our roller bottles is that you are able to apply it discreetly and only those close to you will be able to smell it. This is a perfect application to wear scents in an office atmosphere.

    Application Steps

    We recommend applying our oils on these pulse points after a nice, warm shower for maximum effect.
    Wrists: A classic spot. Your arms are constantly moving which creates a sense of movement in your fragrance.
    Behind Ears / Neck: Behind the ears allows the oil to create a sense of diffusion when you’re on the move.
    Collar Bones: A great spot to create a sense of intimacy.
    Inner Elbows: Serves to slightly obscure the smell in the bends of the arms - perfect for longer-lasting diffusion. A great pulse point for work if you have to wash your hands frequently.
    Behind Knees: Will allow the scent to rise throughout the day. The backs of the knees are warmer and softer, and therefore more likely to project the scent. The area behind the knees are perfect for summer, emitting your fragrance of choice with every crossing and uncrossing of legs.

          Once you’ve decided on which pulse points to use just remove the cap, invert the bottle, and rub it gently back and forth on your skin.

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