Benefits of Roll-On Perfume Vs. Spray-On Perfume

Benefits of Roll-On Perfume Vs. Spray-On Perfume

Benefits of Roll-On Perfume Vs. Spray-On Perfume

Flaunt your flawless fragrance

Every person has different perfume preferences and needs. For some, roll-on extrait de parfum is best. For others, spray-on eau de toilette gives their desired effects. At ScentKulture, we’re passionate about highlighting your natural beauty with mouth-watering perfumes. We offer high-quality impressions of designer fragrances of many kinds. Keep reading to find out if roll-on or spray-on fragrance suits you best.

Know your eaus

The first step in deciding your ideal perfume application method is choosing the concentration of your fragrance. Perfume oils are the scent-carrying superheroes of your perfume. You may not have known that different types of perfumes contain different concentrations of perfume oils. Let’s look at some common types of perfume and their concentrations. Although you can apply any of these perfumes using a roller or sprayer, check out what we recommend.

Eau de cologne

Eau de cologne is among the weakest of fragrances when it comes to potency. It contains only 2-5% perfume oil. It’s perfect for carrying a delicate and airy daytime scent. This type of fragrance usually lasts around 2 hours.

 What we recommend: Spray-on

Eau de toilette

Eau de toilette contains 5-15% perfume oil. This type of perfume offers a subtle and light fragrance. It’s great for daytime use and usually lasts 3 to 4 hours. Due to its lower concentration, it tends to be on the less expensive side.

 What we recommend: Spray-on

Eau de parfum

Eau de parfum is perfect for a night out. It contains 15-25% perfume oil, which can make it a bit more expensive. However, it tends to last 4 to 5 hours. It’s one of the most popular types of perfume in the world.

 What we recommend: Spray-on or roll-on


Parfum brings the intensity with 20-40% perfume oil. Parfum typically runs on the more expensive side. An elegant parfum can stay potent through extreme conditions, lasting 6-8 hours. This type of parfum is the perfect accompaniment to fancier events and special occasions.

 What we recommend: Roll-on

Extrait de parfum

Extrait de parfum contains 35-45% perfume oil. It’s known as one of the strongest and most luxurious varieties of fragrances. While it’s typically the most expensive, you only need a couple of drops to make an impact. It will stay on virtually eternally until you wash it off.

 What we recommend: Roll-on

Where to apply your perfume

To choose whether roll-on or spray-on is best for you, you should know where you want to apply the perfume. Both methods can be used on the following body parts. It’s up to you to decide whether you'd rather roll or spritz.


The wrists are one of the most common spots to apply perfume. The movement of your hands and arms gently moves the fragrance around your body as you go about your day. Apply perfume to one wrist then rub it against your other wrist to infuse the fragrance

Behind your ears and neck

Apply perfume behind your ears and on the sides of your neck for flirty and elegant scent diffusion. Anyone standing close to you will be drawn to you by the lovely aroma coming from your upper body.

Collar bone

Fragrance on the collar bone creates a sense of intimacy. Lovers and friends alike will gravitate towards you when you apply perfume to this area.

Inner elbows

Apply your fragrance to your inner elbows to prevent rubbing or washing the scent off. It lasts longer in this spot. Like with the wrists, the fragrance moves with you.

Back of knees

When you apply perfume to this area, the scent will rise throughout the day, creating a beautiful scent aura around you. The warmth and softness of your skin in this area help to effectively propagate the scent without being overbearing. This spot is best in the warm seasons.

Benefits of roll-on perfume

Roll-on perfume is fabulous. That’s why we at ScentKulture sell three different sizes: 5 ml, 10 ml, and 1 oz. Here are some of the benefits of applying your perfume using a roller.


  • Precise: A roller ball allows you to precisely apply fragrance to your pulse points. This way the oils only go exactly where you want the fragrance to diffuse from on your body.
  • Long-lasting: The direct contact of the oils makes the scent last longer throughout wearing. If applied every day, a 5-ml roll-on bottle will last at least 1 month, and a 10-ml will last 2 to 3 months.
  • Discrete and portable: You can apply fragrances on the go without anyone even noticing. As opposed to spray-on perfume, the roller only lands on you. You don’t have to worry about accidentally hitting others around you.

Benefits of spray-on perfume

Spray-on perfume is a classic and timeless perfume application method. At ScentKulture, we sell perfume spray in 30-ml and 50-ml bottles. The following are some of the many benefits of spray-on perfume.


  • Long-lasting: Spray-on perfume typically lasts longer because it comes in a larger bottle. A 50-ml bottle can last anywhere from 3 to 8 months when used daily. If you find a fragrance you love, buy it in a larger size so you won’t have to purchase it frequently.
  • Beautiful: Part of a fragrance experience is the bottle itself. Spray-on bottles are often gorgeous and pleasing to look at. They make great gifts.
  • Diffusive: Spray-on perfume diffuses in a different way than roll-on perfume. Instead of the oils hitting one distinct point, small particles land all around the spray location. Some prefer this as it distributes the scent more softly.

Roll-on vs. spray on

Only you can decide if roll-on or spray-on perfume is better for you. Like many ladies, you may determine that both are beneficial in different situations. If you fall in love with a fragrance, consider getting it in both a roller bottle and a spray bottle. This way, you can enjoy the convenience and precision of a roller and the elegance and soft diffusion of a spritz.

The bottom line

Roll-on and spray-on are both excellent application methods for perfume. Neither is better than the other. Each has benefits depending on the type of perfume and the situation. Lucky for you, ScentKulture offers both roll-on and spray-on products. You can get a designer-inspired fragrance experience at an affordable price.