Perfume dupes! Are they worth it?

Perfume dupes! Are they worth it?

Perfume dupes! Are they worth it?

What are perfume dupes?

Perfume dupes imitate well-known fragrances. The most common ones duplicate high-end designer fragrances. These perfume alternatives are great for people wanting to smell luxurious without spending hundreds of dollars. Keep reading to learn all about perfume dupes and how to find high-quality ones.

Dupes vs. fakes

“Dupe” sometimes comes with a negative connotation, but they can be just as high-quality as the real thing. Duplicate perfumes often contain similar ingredients as the original formula. They typically use quality perfume oils to formulate a fragrance similar to that of a well-known designer brand. Dupes don’t claim to be the actual designer brand. Instead, they operate as their own brand with scents inspired by popular fragrances.

 Fake perfumes on the other hand should be avoided at all costs. They’re often low-quality concoctions that claim to smell like designer perfumes but often fall short. Fake perfumes may contain hazardous and toxic chemicals. This makes them the cheapest option, but they’re bad for your body and the environment.

 Usually, fake perfumes claim to be the real designer fragrance but are actually foul-smelling, toxic blends. Because of their low quality, they don’t last long. To maintain the fragrance, you need to use a lot more. It’s not worth buying fake perfumes.

How to spot a fake perfume

Several factors indicate if a perfume is fake. If any or all of the following conditions apply to a perfume you're considering, we recommend against buying it. Here are common features of fake perfumes. 

  • Cheap: Fake perfumes are sold for a fraction of what the real thing would cost. If you see a designer perfume at a price that seems too good to be true, it probably is. Check online for normal retail prices of that fragrance to verify.
  • Bad reviews: If you are trying to buy perfume online, bad reviews can indicate that it is fake. Always read reviews to make sure your online retailer is trustworthy.
  • Off-smelling: Fake perfumes never match up to the real thing. They usually smell off and don’t last long. If you can, test perfumes before buying them.
  • Fake manufacturing code: Real perfumes have unique codes on every packaging. Check the manufacturing codes to see if multiple packages have the same one.

How to spot a dupe perfume

Dupe perfumes are a more trustworthy way to experience designer scents at a lower cost. Many dupes have features in common. Look for the following characteristics to identify a dupe perfume: 

  • Original label: Dupes don’t claim to be the exact designer fragrance. They have their own brand that imitates the scents of designer fragrances.



  • Reasonable price: In the fragrance world, price sometimes indicates quality. The extremely cheap scents are probably fake and low quality. Dupes should be affordable, but not crazy cheap.
  • Inspiration: Dupes use language like “inspired by”, "impressions on" or “based on” to advertise their fragrance’s similarity to a designer brand. This indicates the integrity of the brand. Perfume dupe brands don’t have the legal rights to the designer fragrance, but they can draw inspiration and make a closely matching scent.

How are perfume dupes made?

Each dupe perfume maker may have a slightly different method. In general, to make a dupe, perfume experts analyze the scent notes of the original fragrance. Then, they combine fragrance oils until the proportions match closely to the desired designer scent. They blend the scent formula into the perfume carrier - usually alcohol or neutral oil. It may seem like a simple process, but it requires experience with fragrances to understand the nuances of scent notes in any given perfume. 

How to find high-quality perfume dupes

Just because a fragrance is a dupe doesn’t mean it’s good quality. Some dupes can be just as bad as the fakes. Focus on finding perfume dupes with clean and simple ingredients. Check for the tell-tale signs of a low-quality perfume. If a perfume smells off, is outrageously cheap, and has a long list of ingredients you can’t understand, it’s probably best to skip that one. 

To find a high-quality perfume, look for reputable sellers with integrity. Before purchasing a perfume dupe, it’s a good idea to browse the brand’s reviews and ingredients, if possible. A list of trustworthy positive reviews is one of the best ways to tell a perfume dupe is high-quality. Look for a seller that uses clean, vegan, and cruelty-free ingredients, like ScentKulture!

ScentKulture’s designer-inspired perfumes

At ScentKulture, we create the highest quality dupes inspired by popular designer fragrances. We strive to bring you only the best quality at the lowest price. You can trust our perfumes to be safe for your skin and the environment.

 Our products are cruelty-free, vegan, and made in America. Find our fragrance products in roll-on bottles and spray-on bottles. We include the highest concentration for the longest-lasting results. With our wide selection of mouth-watering scents, you’ll be able to find a scent that you love. 

Our favorite perfume dupes

At ScentKulture, we sell scents of all kinds for men and women. While we are big fans of all of our scents, here are a couple of our favorites. Maybe they will be your favorite too.

Majestic Fruity

This is a women’s fragrance inspired by Ariana Grande’s Ari perfume. It’s a luscious and sexy fragrance, just like its muse. This long-lasting fragrance is perfect for a day or night out.


This men’s fragrance is refined and masculine. It is inspired by Creed Adventus. Like Majestic Fruity, it’s perfect for both daytime and nighttime.

The bottom line

Perfume dupes are an affordable perfume alternative to designer brands that don’t compromise on quality or scent. You should know the difference between fake perfumes and perfume dupes. Avoid the fakes and go with a high-quality dupe instead. At ScentKulture, we pride ourselves on our high-quality, handcrafted perfumes, body washes & lotions inspired by designer scents. Browse our wide selection of scents on our website to see which perfume suits you best!

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